Happy New Year from all of us at InnerBeauty Med Spa! This is the perfect time of year to start fresh and set new goals for yourself to look and feel your best in 2019. In celebration of the New Year, our health and beauty experts at our med spa in Minnetonka will share a few of our favorite beauty treatments that rejuvenate your skin, invigorate your soul, and boost your self-confidence, so that you can have your best year yet. When you want to enhance your natural beauty with noninvasive beauty treatments that help you age gracefully, call our med spa or book your appointment online. Read on to learn more about our favorite beauty treatments to try in the New Year.

Med Spa Treatments To Start 2019 Off Right

Restore Skin’s Moisture and Nourishment

We could all use a skin rejuvenation after the brisk winters we experience here in Minnesota. The harsh weather conditions combined with running the heater in our homes depletes the body and skin of moisture. As this happens, the skin can look and feel dull, rough, cracked, and flaky, which is why a restorative HydraFacial MD® treatment should be at the top of your list of beauty resolutions.

HydraFacial MD is a painless procedure that delivers antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, and hydrate the skin. This treatment takes about 30 minutes and delivers immediate results for healthy, hydrated, nourished skin you’ll love. Rejuvenate dull, dry skin with this beauty treatment for bright, glowing skin and a youthful, radiant appearance.   

Say “Goodbye” to Face and Body Hair

Start the New Year off right by kissing that unwanted face and body hair goodbye! Laser hair removal treatments can eliminate unsightly hair from just about anywhere on the face and body. Women typically want those pesky hairs that can ruin a makeup application removed from their faces, while men tend to go for hair removal on the chest, back, and shoulders. Laser hair removal is ideal for people of all ages and can eliminate the need to pluck, wax, and shave, all of which can cause painful irritation like bumps, knicks, and redness. Start the new year off right by finally getting rid of your unwanted hair so you can have softer, smoother skin without the effort.




Dermaplaning for Smoother Skin

Everyone wants silkier, effortlessly smooth skin, and we have just the treatment to help you achieve bright, youthful skin. Dermaplaning is a noninvasive skin exfoliating treatment that also removes those teeny tiny hairs on your face known as “peach fuzz.” Using a razor-sharp, surgical-grade blade, your aesthetician will skim the blade over your face with care and precision, gently removing the outermost layer of skin that is dry and full of dead skin cells, which diminishes your skin’s natural glow. By removing this layer of skin, dermaplaning reveals the new, underlying layer of skin that is softer and brighter.

This quick, simple, and painless treatment offers added benefits, including a reduction of skin imperfections, minor scarring, acne scars, and blemishes that can deter from your skin’s natural health and radiance. This is definitely a med spa treatment you’ll want to experience in the new year.      

Reduce Cellulite and Tighten Skin

Venus Freeze™ is one of the most innovative age-defying treatments that address various areas on the body. Venus Freeze involves the application of radio frequency and magnetic pulse therapy that encourages the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin to effectively contour the face and body. From tightening the skin around the neckline, jawline, and chin to firming and smoothing the skin on specific areas where cellulite appears, Venus Concepts is a must-try med spa treatment for 2019. This non-surgical anti-aging treatment has zero downtime and is ideal for both men and women. Our premier Minnetonka medical spa is one of only a few med spas offering this youth-restoring treatment, so contact us to book a consultation for this essential beauty treatment.    

Book An Age-Defying Med Spa Treatment

From laser hair removal, dermaplaning, Botox parties, and more, we offer a wide array of med spa treatments that you should try in 2019. At InnerBeauty Med Spa in Minnetonka, we’re passionate about helping you achieve your beauty goals, so that you can look and feel amazing always. Call us or reach out to us online to schedule a med spa treatment that can deliver the results you desire.