1. What Is Dermaplaning?

    Welcome back to the InnerBeauty Med Spa blog! If you’re like us, you’re thrilled that spring has finally sprung. Spring is a time for rejuvenation and fresh starts so there’s no better time than now to up your health and beauty game. After the long, cold winter here in Minnetonka, you’re pro…Read More

  2. Treatments to Try at Home and in Our Spa for Winter Skin

    It's about to get a lot colder here in Minnetonka. The forecast is calling for single digits again, which means your skin is about to undergo some harsh treatment. Cold, dry winter weather takes its toll on your skin. It can leave it feeling dry and rough and looking dull and flakey. It's almost cer…Read More

  3. Hair Removal Options for Different Budgets

      If you’re an American woman, then at some point in your life, you’ve probably been bombarded with ads, ideas, and options for hair removal. The concept of hair removal is, by no means, a new one. Women in ancient Egypt removed their hair with the use of beeswax, certain women in the Middle Ag…Read More