Amazing! I started Venus Freeze treatments as a skeptic, but changed my mind after the first treatment.  I had hard fat pockets on the sides of my hips/butt that never went away no matter what exercise or diet I attempted.  After the first session, I could see a marked change.  The fat was completely soft, and the edges of the pocket were definitely diminished.  Now after several sessions the fat pockets are almost completely gone!  I am such a believer!  Now to decide which area to do next!  –Shannon S

I have had really positive experiences at Inner Beauty Med Spa! The staff is fantastic and extremely responsive. I received great service from Brandi and love so many of the treatments. Highly recommend! –Sara

I have known Brandi for quite some time, and I would recommend her to anyone I know! She has helped me so genuinely with what I was looking for, and helped me and treated me as more than a customer, but as a friend! I trust her services, skills, and intentions with whatever I am looking for at Inner Beauty. Brandi and the rest of the staff are awesome- know what they’re doing- provide real results and care about their patients! Inner Beauty is a deserving Spa for all skin care and beauty needs. –Brooke

Skin Pen – would just like to say it’s not just for adults. Brandi, thanks so much for introducing the skin pen treatments to Lizzy. For anyone else that is considering it for their teen who might be struggling with acne, they should definitely try it – it’s been amazing!! –Laurie

Once in a while you take a chance on something unknown, and it turns out so much better than you could ever have expected. That’s what my experience has been as a client of Brandi Wiege and Inner Beauty Med Spa. It’s been nearly three years since I first became Brandi’s client and decided to take that chance, investing my time, money and trust in the process of Venus Freeze and Brandi’s results-focused approach.

I had always worked out and kept my weight down, but age and gravity were showing on my once long, lean legs. I’d quit wearing shorts or going swimming because I felt so embarrassed when I looked down and saw my lumpy, sagging thighs. After my first treatment with Brandi, I saw years erased from my legs…it felt like a miracle! I’ve been with Brandi ever since.

She’s customized my treatments to my body type and targeted frustration areas. She’s even given me the waistline I could never quite get, even in my youth! Brandi has proven to be a dedicated, knowledgeable, talented technician with an infectious energy and a genuinely warm, caring heart. I’m so thankful for all her hard work and kindness, and all she’s done to bring back “me”. –Nancy

Best place in MN for laser hair removal. Brandi is the sweetest woman with a huge heart. I would recommend Inner Beauty Med Spa to anyone.     –Andrea H

Fabulous. Best facial in Minneapolis! –Sandra S

Best facials ever! Brandi is the best at what she does and is such a lovely person! I would never go anywhere else. –Shayna 

Highly recommended! I’ve known Brandi for eight years, and I have been extremely satisfied with her services. I’d swear she’s taken several years off my face – YES! My husband and I couldn’t be happier. I am also so excited to see Brandi’s business doing well, and for good reason – she’s energetic and attentive. A real pro! –Kelly P